Being and the Transformation of a Place

On my daily walks with my dog out in the nature surrounded by trees, lakes and mountains, I hear the wind in the trees as I watch the ravens in the sky being playful chasing one another.

As an artist, I’m looking for ordinary places, still points in space and time that don’t scream at you with their beauty or strength of their personality.

I love those places as they allow me to create a new reality: an image of a place that exists and yet gets modified and transformed; a place I created by being an active observer.

I see myself as a medium, I am like a screen that is needed for a movie to be projected on in order to be expressed and shared with others.

It seems to me that in order for one being to be known, another being had to be present.

I allow myself freedom when I take a picture of a place and then modify it to bring about my vision of this place.

And yet I had to work from a place that is free, free of my opinion and of my views, free of my ego as I find that this is the way magic happens and opportunity flows freely.

Every place has secrets, it has a past and a history; a story that is woven into the place, feelings that require an observer to be released, to be felt and shared with others.

Itai Katz
I was born and raised in Israel. From very early on I was introduced to different places around the world and I become curious to explore. Now I live in the Yukon, in Northern Canada, being married to an Indigenous woman from a place far beyond the Arctic Circle. Here I am immersed into a culture with values and a way of being that are so different from the place I originate from. I came to believe that we are shaped to a large degree by the environment that envelopes us – this is among the many things that I learned from my wife Alestine who, in her gentle ways, helps me to see other ways of relating to the world around me.

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