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From the Fuerzas de Liberación Nacional’s “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” to the Zapatistas’ “Govern by Obeying”: A brief Recap

Jorge Durán Solórzano // Zapatistas are well-known for many reasons. We know them for their uprising in 1994, the creation of autonomous municipalities or caracoles in 2001, and their long-standing resisting practices against neoliberalism and colonialism. Many know the Zapatistas for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and…

Der Vulkanausbruch auf La Palma als Menetekel?

Stefan Krotz // Wie es sich inzwischen herumgesprochen hat, sind viele sogenannte „Naturkatastrophen“ ganz oder zumindest teilweise menschengemacht. Das gilt nicht nur für Überschwemmungen, Dürren, Schädlingsplagen, Hitzewellen, Waldbrände und Artensterben. Erdbeben als Folge der Plattentektonik beispielsweise sind zwar nicht beeinflussbar und kaum effektiv vorherzusagen. Dennoch hätte das große Beben 1985 in Mexiko-Stadt mit…

Grüne Polarlichter mit Baum Silhouetten im Vordergrund

Reading Split Tooth – A spiritual journey entering a world of abuse, natural powers, affectionate friendship and bodily sensations

Barbara Schellhammer // Reading Tanya Tagaq’s (2018) Split Tooth affected me on a very profound level. I used to live in Canada and spent time in Indigenous communities, especially in the Arctic. As social worker and researcher working with juvenile sex offenders, I witnessed the heavy burden of abuse and alcohol as well…

gezeichnete Drachen an einer Schnur

Voices from (the) Off

Off-University // Off-University creates new strategies to uphold and sustain academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. It was established for and by academics from Turkey yet addresses itself to academics all over the world. We aim to bring together people and institutions that share

Peaceful Religious Encounters (2/2)

Ram A. Mall // The Concept of an interculturally and interreligiously oriented „analogous hermeneutics of overlapping contents” beyond the hermeneutics of total identity and radical difference. The globally present multicultural and multireligious context today has made one thing abundantly clear: The de facto intercultural and interreligious hermeneutic situation has outgrown the Greco-European and …

Peaceful Religious Encounters (1/2)

Ram A. Mall // The central question I ask here and try to answer is: What is it in the innermost self-understanding of religions, which hinders or promotes interreligious, interfaith and even intrafaith dialogues, communication and understanding?
The central thesis proposed, discussed and defended here is the following: Religio perennis (the Vedic motto…

rote, abstrakte Blume

Towards Transformative Research

Josephine Eberhardt // COVID-19 uncovered interlocked systems of exploitation and discrimination for human and non-human life. In these unprecedented times, people face a global turnover that challenges the lived “normal” in a way that social research has to face societal changes in new ways. This article calls for a paradigm shift and poses open questions for further reflection; an invitation to think against the grain, but towards Transformative Research.

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