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NASA picture of the Galaxy

Weltenwechsel – Zum Unterschied von Transformation und Veränderung

Robert Lehmann // Nachdem der Wanderer, den Dante an der Seite Vergils durch Hölle, Läuterungsberg und Paradies wird wandern lassen, das berühmte Tor zur Vorhölle durchschritten hat und sich vom Fährmann Charon über den Acheron setzen lässt, raubt ihm ein roter Blitz die Sinne, überwältigt ihn plötzlich tiefer Schlaf. Erst im Limbus angekommen

Small village near a lake with snowy mountains in the background

The challenges and chances of interdisciplinary collaborations on climate/environmental change 

Sophie Elixhauser // Social scientists and humanities scholars increasingly become involved in interdisciplinary projects about climate and environmental change. Priorities of regional, national and transnational funding agencies will likely keep going in this direction. To collaborate closely with scholars from other disciplines as well as non-academic research partners is an important, timely and challenging

What has anthropology got to do with diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Noémie Hermeking // Anthropology’s understanding of cultural diversity is key to strengthening diversity, equity and (social) inclusion (DEI) strategies. Anthropology as the study of humankind tries to understand patterns of behavior, values and beliefs. Overall in this scenario, culture is what people “do” and the overarching “glue“ that holds together all of the …

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