Verschlagwortet: non-violence

Protesters gather at a cultural centre during the 2019 Ecuadorian protests.

To shoot or not to shoot?  How did nonviolent movements avoid hard repression during the presidential breakdown of 2000 in Ecuador?*

María Belén Garrido // Since the beginning of the third wave of democratization in Latin America (1978), 15 Latin American presidents have not completed their term for various reasons such as impeachment, overthrow, or resignation. Most of the overthrows that took place in Latin America were accompanied by street protests and nonviolent mobilizations that demanded…

Peaceful Religious Encounters (2/2)

Ram A. Mall // The Concept of an interculturally and interreligiously oriented „analogous hermeneutics of overlapping contents” beyond the hermeneutics of total identity and radical difference. The globally present multicultural and multireligious context today has made one thing abundantly clear: The de facto intercultural and interreligious hermeneutic situation has outgrown the Greco-European and …

Peaceful Religious Encounters (1/2)

Ram A. Mall // The central question I ask here and try to answer is: What is it in the innermost self-understanding of religions, which hinders or promotes interreligious, interfaith and even intrafaith dialogues, communication and understanding?
The central thesis proposed, discussed and defended here is the following: Religio perennis (the Vedic motto…

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